Brad Dreis - Principal Ecologist

Brad is a Principal Ecologist with over 15 years’ experience throughout Queensland, NSW, Northern Territory and South Australia. He has worked for a wide range of industries including energy, petroleum, mining, urban development, government, infrastructure and natural resource management. Brad is highly experienced in undertaking terrestrial flora and fauna surveys, vegetation mapping, environmental offsets, flora and fauna management plans, rehabilitation planning and monitoring, strategic biodiversity assessments, pre-clearance surveys, GIS analysis and environmental monitoring.  

Brad is well versed in the application of innovative capture and analysis of data including remote sensing and the use of customised field data capture technologies which enable high quality and efficient data processing and reporting. He is currently undertaking research in the field of biodiversity offsets for threatened fauna species and has extensive experience in planning, assessments and approvals for environmental offsets under Commonwealth and Queensland (State) Government legislation.

Brad has vast experience in assisting clients comply with regulatory provisions and delivering practical and efficient outcomes that aim to deliver sustainable solutions for clients and the natural environment. He is a Department of the Environment (DoE) suitably qualified ecologist (flora and fauna) under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 for the Australia Pacific LNG Project and GLNG Project.


Bachelor of Environmental Management (Honours)
Department of The Environment (DoTE) approved Ecologist

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