With the occurrence of severe fire weather conditions expected to become more frequent, managing and mitigating bushfire risk has come to the forefront of State and Local development planning regulations.

Bushfire (BAL) assessment, mitigation and planning is an essential part of protecting people and property in the Australian landscape. E2M can provide tailored solutions for clients who seek a customised approach to meeting obligations under State and Local planning frameworks. This assists in balancing development goals, asset protection, bushfire risk and ecological outcomes.

Our assessments incorporate both quantitative and qualitative approaches for both landscape and site-based assessments. Depending on our client’s needs, E2M can provide both desktop-based hazard assessments and detailed site/landscape analysis using our innovative approach to data capture and integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Detailed bushfire hazard assessment and reporting 
  • Determination of Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) in accordance with Australian Standard AS3959-2009
  • Vegetation, ecological assessment, fuel load analysis and mapping in relation to bushfire planning and land management
  • Desktop research approaches to bushfire hazard assessment as well as detailed on-site mapping using innovative GIS data capture techniques can be provided based on client needs and level of detail required, providing efficiency and value for money
  • Bushfire Management Plans for bushfire-prone sites
  • Due-diligence property bushfire hazard assessments