Vegetation management requires integrated solutions and technical experience across a broad platform of disciplines.

We are highly experienced across a diverse range of ecosystems, facilitating reliable data capture and efficient reporting. The integration of innovative data capture methodologies allows E2M to tailor our assessments to each project, whilst maintaining regulatory reporting requirements and capturing ‘value add’ information at our Client’s request. Our innovation extends to the simultaneous capture of multiple datasets, adding another element of efficiency and cost savings for our Clients. E2M is experienced in:

  • Regional Ecosystem assessment and mapping
  • Biocondition surveys
  • Protected Plants assessments
  • Property Vegetation Management Plans (PVMPs)
  • Property Maps of Assessable Vegetation (PMAVs)
  • Threatened Ecological Community assessment
  • Threatened Flora assessment and management planning
  • Biosecurity (weeds) survey and management planning