Our Approach

We love to solve

Our approach is to communicate effectively and innovate using technology to drive efficiency.

Becoming part of your team

When engaged, our first step is to integrate with your team and understand your commercial objectives. We place strong emphasis on effective communication.

We provide honest and upfront advice, without the one-size-fits-all approach.

We give you the whole picture, not only the constraints but also the opportunities, so you can avoid unnecessary hurdles.

Technology & Innovation

We integrate our ecological expertise seamlessly with a powerful suite of spatial and GIS technology.

Every project at E2M benefits from customised GIS solutions we design with your project in mind, providing enhanced environmental data capture in the field through to rapid report production.

Efficiency & adding value

Our methodology is accurate and adaptive, creating unique workflow efficiencies that are passed along to our clients.

With a multidisciplinary in-house team and partnerships with leading industry specialists, E2M are poised to offer complete environmental solutions at each stage of your project from concept to completion.

Consistency is key. Our unique data capture and management technique creates opportunities for enhanced accessibility and re-purposing of data, reducing the risk of costly transfer errors, rework or repetition.

Lifespan support for your project

We believe your project data is yours. We can be called upon to adapt or re-supply existing data quickly and easily to suit specific requirements or respond to compliance matters throughout all project stages.

We believe in maintaining enjoyable and trusted relationships with our clients, allowing us to easily and efficiently re-integrate with your project team when you need us most.

It starts with us
understanding your