Whitehaven Coal Mining

Winchester South Coal Mine Offsets Assessment

The scope was to undertake an assessment of the offset suitability for three properties in relation to the Winchester South Coal Mine Development.

The aim was to determine the baseline conditions of the three properties and assess the habitat suitability for threatened flora and fauna species and ecological communities.


The surveys were performed over a large area, meaning the survey effort prescribed in the Government  guidelines were difficult or impractical to achieve. Seasonal requirements for some threatened species and communities meant that survey timing was restricted to windows of suitable conditions. The scope of the offset assessments also changed numerous times.

E2M utilised the best available technologies including the latest Trimble GPS enabled data collectors, motion detection camera’s, microbat echolocation and bioacoustic recorders to undertake the surveys.


E2M was able to complete the surveys without incident and where practical, in accordance with the relevant Government survey guidelines. The assessment report was delivered on time and within the project budget. E2M’s experienced team were able to ensure that the surveys were completed thoroughly and E2M were able to identify all of the target threatened species.

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