Origin Energy

Threatened Flora Monitoring

Threatened flora surveys in accordance with Nature Conservation Act 1992 clearing permits

E2M conducted threatened flora monitoring surveys for Origin Energy’s Coal Seam Gas (CSG) infrastructure. The surveys targeted:

  • Rutidosis lanata (Red-soil woolly wrinklewort)
  • Eleocharis blakeana (Blake’s rush)
  • Acacia pedleyi (Pedley’s wattle)
  • Acacia tenuinervis (Scrub wattle); and
  • Acacia wardellii (Wardell’s wattle).

E2M consolidated historical data from multiple companies to target field survey efforts, optimised for location and the timing of species identification.

The results of the threatened flora surveys identified all of the species reoccurring within the Australia Pacific LNG Project area. Data analysis and reporting was able to clearly describe the current populations and compare those to previous monitoring results. The report was utilised as a compliance document to report against monitoring requirements of permits for taking protected plants.

Optimising the location and timing of surveys using historical data resulted in direct cost savings for our client

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