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Kaban Bird and Bat Utilisation Survey

E2M was contracted to assess bird and bat utilisation at the Kaban Wind Farm development to determine turbine collision risk of potentially occurring threatened and migratory bird and bat species. A risk profile for each turbine was established based on the results of the survey.



Changing disturbance footprint and turbine locations.

E2M utilised state-of-the-art GPS capture technology (Trimble TDC600) and bioacoustics recording devices (Anabat Swift Detector) to provide cost-effective data capture and analysis.


E2M staff were able to adapt to changes to turbine locations while in the field and rescheduled the survey timetable as needed. A comprehensive record of 58 bird species and their abundances across different periods of the day was achieved (six surveys per turbine/168 surveys total), and at least 12 species of Microchiroptera bats were identified in the survey area. Approximately 95% of birds were observed below turbine collision height; only one turbine was assessed to be high risk due to threatened species records.

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