APT Management Services

Environmental Management Plan Improvement Program

E2M provided assistance to APA Group with the implementation of the 3 year, companywide Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Improvement Program.

The EMP Improvement Program covered all APA assets that have a legislative or risk trigger for an EMP or equivalent. The objective of the program was to deliver a standardised enterprise solution for managing environmental risk. The program delivered an end-to-end revision of existing EMPs and development of new EMPs to create a connection between the Corporate Safeguard Environment Procedures (EMS), and the subsequent environmental risk identification and assessment phase to conducting business activities.


During the EMP development process, E2M experienced multiple changes in the APA project team.

A GIS desktop assessment was performed to assess likely environmental constraints for the assets and to document legislative triggers as part of the EMP development. To streamline the data collation, E2M developed a GIS script.


E2M worked closely with APA personnel to share project knowledge and information on APA systems and documentation. The key outcomes from this meant that E2M was able to stick to the project schedule and deliver each phase of the project within time and budget.

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