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Horse Pit Expansion and Cherwell Pit Development Project

E2M Conducted a terrestrial ecology assessment to identify and characterise the terrestrial ecological values including threatened flora, fauna and ecological communities.

The assessment was designated as essential work at a time when the risks associated with the newly emerging COVID-19 crisis were uncertain in Australia. Workplace health and safety procedures on site were revised daily to reflect information as it became available.

E2M were adaptive in their approach on the ground to achieve the objective of the assessment while coordinating with ongoing policy changes on site.

Each member of the E2M survey team was enabled with communication technology and Trimble GPS enabled data collectors to allow the team to adapt to the client’s changing work safe procedures without limiting survey effort. The survey was completed during the scheduled timeframe.

E2M’s project planning and level of survey effort allowed E2M to comprehensively ground-truth threatened species habitat thereby refining habitat mapping on site. Ornamental snake was observed on survey within an area where it hadn’t previously been recorded.

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