Biosecurity Management Plan and Training Package

Biosecurity Management Plan update for Santos’ upstream GLNG project

To prepare an overarching Biosecurity Management Plan for the project, E2M conducted a broad review of existing biosecurity management procedures and documents in use by Santos.

The Biosecurity Management Plan was supported by a range of additional documents, including:

  • Revised Activity Specific Risk Assessments
  • Weed Identification and Reporting Procedure
  • Vehicle and Equipment Hygiene Documentation, including:
    • Vehicle Inspection and Clean-down Procedure; and
    • Biosecurity Hygiene Declaration Template.

A biosecurity training module was produced to distil high level environmental information into a training packet that would be used to convey relevant information to a workforce with diverse work experience and backgrounds.

E2M provided a complete Biosecurity Management Plan with a range of supporting documents for the practical implementation of the Plan

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