Biosecurity Management Plan and Training Package

E2M was commissioned by Santos to undertake a review and update of the existing pest and weed management plan and associated documents utilised for the upstream component of the GLNG project.

E2M was requested to review the draft documents compiled to date and develop an overarching BMP including

  • Santos Upstream BMP
  • Revised Activity Specific Risk Assessment
  • Weed Identification and Reporting Procedure, with information cards for up to 5 species
  • Vehicle and Equipment Hygiene Documentation, including:
  • Revised Vehicle Inspection Procedure
  • revised Vehicle Clean-down Procedure; and
  • drafting of a Biosecurity Hygiene Declaration.

In addition, a biosecurity training module was produced to include

  • An introduction to the Biosecurity Act and the General Biosecurity Obligation (GBO)
  • A brief overview of the BMP
  • An explanation of the Activity-based Risk Assessment and how to apply it
  • Vehicle hygiene procedures, including how to wash down a light vehicle
  • Weed identification and reporting processes; and
  • Development of questions to ensure key learnings are understood.


E2M delivered the project on time, within budget and generated repeat work.



Distilling high level environmental information into a training packet that would be used to convey relevant information to a workforce with diverse work experience and backgrounds.

E2M provided an option to assist in the development and delivery of toolbox talks, content for awareness posters and updates to assurance checklists where required.


E2M delivered the project on time, within budget and generated repeat work.

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